Grow 1 year in 10 weeks

We help founders understand better the problems they are trying to solve and the solutions they are aiming to build.

What’s Lisbon Challenge?

What do we do

Lisbon Challenge is Beta-i’s mentorship-driven acceleration program, as a matter fact it’s our flagship program. Over the course of 10 weeks we challenge your assumptions to uncover your true superpower.

We will dive deep into the most developed innovation methodologies to better understand the problem, find the right solution and bring you closer to product market fit.

Each program leads to a Demo Day where you get to share your journey with investors. From then on, you will also be able to take the most of  LC alumni, an ongoing support network for founders.

Heading in the right direction from the beginning will set you apart from your competition.

LC investment partners fund all Lisbon Challenge startups with 10K for 1.5% of equity. Startups have the possibility to get additional 50K for 5.5% by the end of the program on the Demo Day.

What we are looking for

Do you fit?

Entrepreneurs with experience or considerable knowledge in the sector

Tech software oriented

Market interest validation through identified or potential customers

Global market potential

Working MVP

2-4 founders with at least one technical founder


We believe that the secret in choosing the right startups to back derives from picking the right team.

That’s why we’ll always be looking for entrepreneurs that share and embody these values.


Challenge yourself with diverse ideas and backgrounds, taking all different points of views to make a difference.


Be transparent with yourself and others.  It denotes openness, communication, and accountability and it’s a key ingredient for self-improvement.

Egoless confidence

Belief in yourself. Stay curious with a relentless interest in self-improvement. Tame your ego when confronted with diverging reliable information.

Social consciousness

Stop for a second, think what impact your actions have on society, how can you maximize this and act upon it.

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Let's Go!

“I think it has been the best-organized accelerator process that we’ve been to, compared to BGI and even to TechStars. I’m not sure how Beta-i did it.”

Federi Cmondi, DoDo

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How it Works

For 10 weeks, you will be in Lisbon, one of the most vibrant startup ecosystems. Alongside founders from all parts of the world and with the support of our pool of amazing mentors, we will push your ideas forward and challenge you to be in the perfect shape by Demo Day, when you share your journey with investors.


Find out what that makes you unique and unstoppable. For that, you need to nail the problem ( MVCS), your solution to that problem ( product) and how to reach those who care ( go to market strategy). Let’s roll up sleeves and figure it out.

What are you selling, for how much, to whom, how do you reach them, what are the market conditions and how do you position yourself . Where do you offer what to whom and how?

What makes you special?

Product and Tech

What makes your solution unique and differentiates it from the competition? We will support you on getting on the perfect track for product market fit, by tapping into your solution and your technology.


What metrics matter to your startup? How to talk to customers and making sure that they won’t leave after trying your product (retention)?


You are building a company let’s think on how do you run it? Spoiler: Even more on business skills in the alumni academy, how do you hire, build a culture and manage your growing team?


How to get investors to listen to you? What to say and what not to say. Let’s make sure you are prepared to get the investments you want
The program finishes with Investment Day – possibility to raise 50K for 5.5% from LC investment partners.


You are building a company let’s think on how do you run it? Spoiler: Even more on business skills in the alumni academy, how do you hire, build a culture and manage your growing team?


Why should you apply


learn from people who have done it, are still doing it and are at the top of their game


connecting, learning and sharing with peers.

Epicenter of the ecosystem

Investors, open innovation pilot projects, corporates etc.

Product market fit

Help startups define roadmap for product market fit

Customer Retention

Sharing best practices to achieve measurable results

Fast track to pilot programs

( like Protecting, The Journey, SOL, Free electrons)

Alumni network and academy access


Investment partners offer a pre-seed funding up to 70k for 7% equity


Access to a network of mentors, that will, more than sharing their insights and expertise, challenge your assumptions and inspire you by the example of what they achieved.

Jaime Jorge

Co-founder and CEO @ Codacy

Nuno Pimenta

Industry Head – Start-Ups, Retail & Travel @ Google

Andrew Hughes

Co-Founder of multiple companies, Angel Investor

João Montenegro

Founder & Product Design @ Dark Matter Collective @ CODEFORALL

Luis Calado de Sousa

Technical Evangelist / Startup Lead @ Microsoft

Miguel Santo Amaro

Co-founder @ Uniplaces

Vasco Pedro

Co-Founder & CEO @ Unbabel

Marcelo Lebre

VP of Engineering @ Unbabel

Daniel Araújo

Co-founder & CEO @ Attentive

Celso Martinho

Founder & CEO @ Bright Pixel

Vijaykant Nadadur

Co-Founder & CEO @


Eduardo Sette Camara

Lisbon Challenge Program Director

Lucie Hajkova

Lisbon Challenge Program Manager

Gualberto Pastor

Network Evangelist

Pedro Falcão

Managing Partner / LC Ventures

Pedro Rocha Vieira

Cofounder, CEO @ Beta-i

Manuel Tânger

Cofounder, Head of Open Innovation @ Beta-i

Ricardo Marvão

Cofounder, Head of Education @ Beta-i